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Services @ Cottonwood Dental

Learn more about the services offered at Cottonwood Dental.  Click on the service(s) you are interested in and expand for a detailed description.

We recommend that you bring your child into the office for a checkup once the first tooth has erupted. We also have a “No Cavities Kids Club” for our patients that have no cavities!

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Lip & Tongue Tie Revisions

We recommend that you bring your child into the office for a checkup once the first tooth has erupted. We also have a “No Cavities Kids Club” for our patients that have no cavities!

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Family Dentistry

Performed by our doctors in office to evaluate your further treatment needs and options. The doctors will discuss your options with you during the exam.

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Performed by the hygienist to remove plaque and calculus buildup. This can include X-rays and fluoride treatments to protect the enamel of your teeth.

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Cavities can be filled with two different materials: composite and amalgam. The doctor will administer anesthetic to the area to numb and it will wear off after a few hours so you can go back to work or school with no special circumstances needed.

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We perform simple, surgical, and wisdom teeth extractions in office. You may need a form of sedation (please see next term for explanation) prior to your visit.

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We have two options available in office: 1) Triazoliam- 2) Nitrous gas- also known as “laughing gas” You do not need a driver after this as the effects only linger up to 15 minutes after administered.

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This is an alternative option to traditional bracket braces. Clear aligners are worn and then exchanged out every two weeks for the next set, slowly moving teeth into proper alignment.

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FASTBRACES® is a comprehensive orthodontics, just like traditional braces and not short-term cosmetic orthodontics.

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We offer a “Whitening for Life” program after you have seen our hygienist and the doctor has completed a thorough exam and cleared you for the service.

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Teeth Whitening

Crowns are a restoration that covers a tooth that may have cracks. A bridge is a restoration consisting traditionally of three crowns that are all attached to one another.

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Crowns and Bridges

They are a long-lasting option for replacing a tooth that may be missing or that cannot be salvaged. They are fixed into the jawbone making them feel and look just like a real tooth.

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We make same day appointments for our patients to ensure we can get them out of discomfort and treat the area that is causing pain or swelling. Please try to call in the morning for better options of time and availability.

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Tired of having to pay monthly premiums on expensive dental insurance plans that don’t even cover the cost of fluoride for routine cleanings? Cottonwood Dental is excited to announce the addition of our DentalFlex plan! With our DentalFlex plan, you won’t have to worry about paying out-of-pocket for fluoride again. Our plan guarantees 15% off all other dental procedures, such as fillings, dentures, and even implants. We offer several plan options including one for adults, for kids under 13 years of and periodontal plans. This is also a fantastic option for senior citizens!

Our plans include:

Two free cleanings and exams
Two free fluoride applications
Free yearly  x-rays (excludes conebeams and panoramic x-rays)
15% off ALL procedures
No co-pay or deductible
No yearly maximums


All plans qualify to receive an additional 15% off all dental services. The additional cleanings included in the periodontal plan only apply to periodontal patients and are subject to additional cleanings at no cost depending on your recall schedule. All dental plans must be paid in full prior to receiving benefits and are non-refundable. The DentalFlex plans cannot be combined with other forms of dental insurance or discount plans and only apply to patients of Dr. Brown-McDonald.

This DentalFlex plan can only be used at Cottonwood Dental.

After your membership is effective, call our office to schedule an appointment.

Patients of Dr. Brown-McDonald who do not already have dental insurance are eligible for this plan.

The annual premium must be paid in full before benefits may begin.

All payments are made directly to Cottonwood Dental. Payments will be made when services are performed at each appointment. Interest-free payment plans are available to cover the cost of up to three months.

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